Day 192 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful For A Vote of Confidence


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
~~ Napoleon Hill

Ask, believe and receive.
~~ Jack Canfield

So the hard week ended on such an awesome note that the last hour or two (the hardest) was like silk and I walked with a bounce in my step.

My boss asked me if I was handing in my two week notice the day I got back from Midwest Men’s Festival. I told her it might be a month or so.

Then she said words that about made me cry in gratitude.

She said she’d been watching me the last couple months and saw that people like the Evil Team Lead were wrong. I am working. I am working to the best of my ability. The problem is that the job is just getting to be too much for me. It is wearing me down and out. For instance, yesterday, she walked up to me toward the end of the day and said I looked like “mush.” That I was obviously exhausted and hardly able to stand. I wasn’t fooling around or turning in a half-assed job, I just was getting to a point where I just can’t do it anymore.

She confirms that the time has come for me to leave. She is even going to give my resume to Kelly Services to help in the process of getting me a part-time job to hold me over until I can completely afford to write fulltime (I am getting close!).

She said I need to leave with my head held high and not because someone tells her she needs to end my employment because I can’t keep up.

It was all positive. I am so happy. The idea that she thought less of me or that I f*cked off was only adding to depression and hurt and stress.

This is only one more step in confirming to me that the Universe is conspiring to make all my dreams come true.

And now, before it hits me with the Cosmic Two by Four, I need to do what I am supposed to do to make a part time job happen, before I get fired or let go. Because the Universe does conspire for my/our benefit and if I don’t do what needs to be done, the Universe will do it instead. I am quite happy with all the Universe is doing…but I don’t want it to have to take that particular step!

I do want to leave with my head held high. I want to leave on the right note. I want to leave with pride.

And it looks like all that I wish for is right around the bend.

Could life be much better?

B.G. Thomas


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