Day 186 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful For Fireworks

Fireworks 3b
Yes, believe it or not, I am very grateful for this year’s fireworks.

I think that the Fourth of July is pretty much R’s favorite holiday and that’s because of fireworks. He grew up setting them off even more than I ever did and he never tires of firework displays.

The problem is our job. July is quarter end and we have tons of overtime and he is often working about fourteen or more days in a row without a day off. So since it is the height of summer and it doesn’t get dark enough for fireworks until at least nine, it just has pretty much cancelled things for us. We/he has to get up on the fifth at 4:50am so we/he can get to work at 6:00am and work a twelve hour shift.

But this year—through a wondrous miracle—R go the 3rd, 4th and 5th off! So he got to set them off on Friday and Saturday and he laughed and giggled like a kid. Fountains, and cakes, and mortars and these fun little zingie things that spun and flew up in the air making a zipping sound. I set off a few but I was just loving seeing him so happy and having so much fun. He has been working overtime for months. He deserved it.

We had a marvelous dinner with our friends and then we all drove a little ways and parked on the side of the highway and watched the Worlds of Fun display. R was sitting on this lawn chair and I was sitting in the grass leaning back against him and it was sooooo wonderful and we were just together, watching his beloved fireworks…!

Then it was back to our friend’s house where I had way too many cocktails and somehow woke up without a hangover, which only gave me one more thing to be grateful for.

So fireworks? Something to be grateful for? You bet! I find something to love every day. And yesterday I not only got to love the fireworks. But I got to love R even more.

Namasté and Happy Independence Day!
B.G. Thomas


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