Day 179 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Today I Am Grateful for the Overwhelming Support of Legal Same-Sex Marriage

Today I Am Grateful for the Overwhelming Support of Legal Same-Sex Marriage


Immediately after the Supreme Court made its landmark decision, at least thrity-five companies Tweeted (and more) their support of gay marriage. Amazing! Wonderful!

Of course we have known that some businesses—including Absolut Vodka, Levis, several beer companies and all cigarette empires—have done so (smartly) for many years.

But wow! To see Coca-Cola, Sears, Tide, Expedia, Smart Car (!), Delta, American Airlines, AT&T, Kellogg’s, Jell-O, Maytag (my favorite ad!) and Cheerios? Just not the companies I expected to jump on board.

And of course it makes good business sense. Whether you think gays are ten percent of the population or two, that’s still billions of dollars. But I am not going to be so suspicious and cynical to think that’s all it is.

Why else would Procter & Gamble say “Label are for products, not people?” Why would Delta say, “Today we join our employees and customers in celebration of marriage equality?” And Smart Car say, “Life is more vibrant when #LoveWins. Cheers to the road ahead.”

I sit here and think back to when I read Arthur C Clark’s book 2010: The Odyssey Continues and was amazed at the legally wed couple—this was in 1984. Would two men really be able to legally marry by 2010? I couldn’t imagine that. Not in my!

And while it took five more years to make it national, once more, science fiction predicted the future.

Yesterday, at work, I told this truck driver about how thrilled I was about what happened on Friday (has it been two days already?) and he said he thrilled. He said he and his wife had trouble not crying. They have a nephew they love who is gay and now he can get married one day.

The world is changing!

I hear so many people say how horrible the world it, and that it’s getting worse. But I choose to see with different eyes. I know if you want to see the world getting worse, you can find it. And if you want to join me and see the world getting better, then I am happy to have you with me.

To opening our eyes!
B.G. Thomas

PS: See at least thirty five companies that support marriage equality right here:

Here’s to finding the one who completes you.

smart car

American Airlines -- we're on board



Procter & Gamble

Whole Foods Market

#dreamers #lovewins #SCOTUSMarriage #LoveIsLove #marriageequality


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