Day 170 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful For a Weekend Trip to Brookfield

Brookfield 3

Hurray! After work today, just as soon as I get home, we are going to Brookfield for the weekend. “R’s” home town. Where we bought the house. Where we bought his house back!

R in typical man-fashion (he is the most heterosexual gay man on the planet) mentions a day or so ago that he’s going to Brookfield for the weekend.

I was startled. Huh?

“I told you I was going back in a couple weeks when I got back last time.”

But he hadn’t mentioned it even once since then and what he actually said was that he was going back some time before July overtime begins!

I was happy for him but also a bit annoyed. If he had made that clear I might have gotten Saturday off and been able to go with him. And I am liking Brookfield more and more–which is a good thing.

I was casually mentioned it to my boss (read: bitching) and she says, “Maybe I can give it to you….”

I was startled again!

Then she comes to me and says that yes, she can. So I am going! Not only that, but this wonderful lady I work with is going to cover the shift for me. I get to spend the weekend with R.

And it looks like the hot tub works!

*does the Snoopy Dance*

I love a hot tub.

I love not having to work Saturday.

I love going away for the weekend.

I love the fact that there will be peace and quite and maybe I can get another 12K words done on my book (this past week has been very productive!).

I love the fact that I will be with R for full two days!

That’s a lot to love.

And that’s a lot of blessings.

Thank You Universe!
B.G. Thomas


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