Day 168 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful for Oddly Correct

“Coffee is a language in itself.”
~~ Jackie Chan

“I am a coffee fanatic. Once you go to proper coffee, you can’t go back. You cannot go back.”
~~ Hugh Laurie

Awwww…… Yum…! I just had my first sip of Oddly Correct’s coffee this morning. Oh-oh-oh it’s been weeks since I’ve actually been able to spend time here…. This morning I am having the Bella Vista from San Carlos, Columbia. For some reason Oddly Correct is a very magickal place for me. I write here. And I write well….

Here is what the little menu says about my selection today:; Kiwi, chamomile, grapefruit. I repeat. Yum.

You know I used to think when wine connoisseurs said things like that, that they were full of bologna. Taking a sip of wine and then mentioning all those little flavors. Bull, I would say. It tastes like wine. And when I say this place did the same thing about their coffee, once more I cried, bull!

But now I know differently. My taste buds have become educated and wow…I see all of that. I take my sip and….yes…yes…layer and layer of flavor. One hits the tongue and that first initial flavor is a kiwi-likeness followed by a chamomileness and finally, lingering at the end….grapefruit. Who would have thought?

11536027_851615384928295_7726858186663716989_nI started off with a Gibraltar–which is an espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk and served in Libbey–Owens–Ford glassware by the same name–and it was heavenly. Then the Bella Vista. I did manage to stop by on the way to work and get something to go since I don’t have to be at work on Wednesdays until noon these days (yet another blessing). Last week it was the Finca Licho Natural Process from the West Valley of Costa Rica (strawberry, milk chocolate, raspberry) which I liked slightly better but I am not complaining for a second. I bought a bag today so I can have some at home. All of their coffees come and go quite quickly. They get beans from all over the world, roast them themselves in this small roaster. Drink coffee hear and one is often drinking coffee that was roasted yesterday. It is amazing. Incredible.

And I drink it black! Surely a final sign of the Apocalypse (which I don’t believe in by the way)!

This cafe is magick to me…. It inspired the book Hound Dog & Bean and has let me write for hours without knowing how much time has passed. There really is no place like a small place like Oddly Correct that takes so much pride in what they do–plus I am supporting a small business and I am quite proud of that.

Heaven is Oddly Correct that taught me to like coffee and not just use it to be able to work a 12-hour shift. To appreciate the flavor and see that it’s not supposed to be bitter. The after-taste should be wondrous and not nasty. They don’t even have sugar or sweetener here. The only cream is the organic milk they add to drinks like the Gibraltar.

So grateful to that young shepherd boy who’s goats discovered that coffee trees in a rain forest and the monks who somehow got the idea to roast the cherries and make a drink out of them. And so grateful for Third Wave coffee lovers for discovering and loving and making coffee to love and not just be caffeinated by.

There is so much magick in my life. And I pause to reflect whenever I can. There is far more good than bad. I just had to learn to see it.

B.G. Thomas


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