Day 162 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful That My Publisher Believes In Me!


I am so grateful that my publisher believes in me. I’m no landslide selling writer like Amy Lane or Mary Calmes or Andrew Grey. But then again, I’m not chopped liver either.

From the beginning Dreamspinner Press has believed in me and encouraged me. They didn’t need to. They get thousands of submissions. They didn’t need to take the extra step of telling me, when they didn’t take a story for an anthology, to resubmit on it’s own. And when they did, it sold! Had they not, I might have sunk into a depression and never tried again. After all, I had to refusals in a row.

But they always go the extra mile.

And I will never forget meeting Elizabeth North, the publisher. She walked up to me and hugged me. Hard. Leaned into me and pressed her chest and her very heart against mine, Held me a long moment.

Powerful. Almost made me cry. It was a real hug,

DSP has done so much for me and I don’t see how I can repay them. Ever,

And then this! Celebrating my five years with them!

I wrote them asking if we could have a sale date to mark the occasion. Instead they did a weekend of 99 cent books for three of my titles. And then this whole week they’ve been offering my whole catalog for 30% off. I asked for a day and I got eight!

I am so blessed. So very very blessed.

And I hope, just in case you’ve never read my books or maybe there is one you’ve meant to buy and haven’t, that you will check out the sale. You can find it by clicking right here.

In the meantime, thank you Constant Reader. Because I am also so grateful for you. If it hadn’t been for you then there would have been no reason for Dreamspinner Press to keep purchasing my books now, would there?

So blessed!

B.G. Thomas

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