Day 150 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Am Grateful for Sight


So yesterday I said I was grateful for my new glasses. But as I thought about it I realized that what I should be really grateful for (and am) is sight to begin with.

A lot of people aren’t so fortunate. People born blind. People who have gone blind. People who can barely see.

Now I am not saying there is a thing wrong with being blind! I just mean that it is one more thing that is easy to take for granted. I see every day. I don’t think about it. But oh what pleasure sight gives me. Oh the richness of sight! I could be poor as poor could be, but as long as I can go to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, which except for special exhibits, is always free and drink in so much beauty! From ancient art to art from all over the world and all through time. Oh sometime it makes me high! Such beauty!

Since I can see I can read. And reading is pretty much my highest joy.

I can see my sweet dog and one look at her dancing with joy when I walk in the door after a long hard day of work is enough to turn any sour day into one made of gold. She is so cute! So pretty!

I can see the loves of my life. My husband, my daughter, my mother. Seeing them brings me such happiness. Looking at a picture of my handsome man’s face never ceases to make my heart flutter.

I can watch a movie. I can experience 3-D! All because of my wonderful and miraculous eyes.

A few years ago we went to San Francisco and I was blown away by the Palace of Fine Arts. It was like magic. Like I had been transported to another world and time. All that wonder came to me through my eyes.

Some years back I was able to go for two weeks to Israel and Egypt! OMGosh! I will never ever forget it! Seeing a Roman aqueduct towering over me–just right off a highway–something that had been built a few thousand years before. Watching the sun set over the Sea of Galilee! Walking in Bethlehem. Masada! The ramp the Romans build is still there! And when we were driving down this slope in Egypt to see the pyramids and then quite suddenly–there it was–the Sphinx! For some reason it took me by complete surprise. Powerful! She is some powerful! Awe-inspiring!

And hey! It’s because of my eyes I can see a sexy man! See a lovely woman.

Hey! Today I could see the print of my newest book! It arrived in the mail today. Gosh! What if something had happened to my eyes and I was never able to see one of my covers again?

I could go on for pages and pages and pages about the wonder of my eyes, the wonder of vision.

But instead I challenge everyone to just look around them, wherever they are as they read these words and see all the beauty around them.

Courtesy of a little miracle called eyes.

B.G. Thomas

picture of my eyes by Madison Parker


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