Day 139 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Love Photography and Photographers!


“We do not create our destiny; we participate in its unfolding. Synchronicity works as a catalyst toward the working out of that destiny.”
― David Richo, The Power of Coincidence: How Life Shows Us What We Need to Know

I love to take pictures. I think I’m pretty decent at it. I hope one day to be really good at it. As a matter of fact, the cover for Summer Lover was taken from some of my photographs!

In the meantime I am grateful for the amazing photographers I meet all the time. Some online and some in person.

One reason is that I am a bit of a controller when it comes to my art. I want to see what I’ve dreamed up come to fruition as close to my dream as possible.

One of the extraordinary things about writing for Dreamspinner Press is how much they allow their writers to get involved in the creative process of the covers for their books.

I was an art minor in school and even though I might not be able to draw or paint my visions just as I see them in my mind, with the wonderful advances in digital photography what you can do to photographs through computers, I can get really, really close.

I met the photographer Dave Suntown through the Internet and he’s already been responsible for two of my covers (two of my favorites in fact).

Then I discovered someone new this morning–very early when I couldn’t sleep. Gay guys use these aps (I am sure there are all kinds of equivalents) that they can download to their phones (and don’t even get me started on cell phone aps right now) that lets them know where other gay men are who have the same ap. I guess the aps use GPS or something technological and complicated.

A lot of gay men use these for random sexual encounters and I judge not1 I have said HERE before I am no monk and if I point a finger there are four fingers pointed back at me (as the old saying goes). I use these phone applications to meet people. Even if it is never face to face. But last night as I was just seeing who as “out there” I saw this cute guy named Jeff Mf Shelby who is a photographer.



Now that made me sit up. I messaged him. He messaged me back sometime later this morning. We found each other’s Facebook pages and started chatting. I told him that I am always looking for photographers to help me create original covers for my books…. I showed him my page at Dreamspinner Press so he could see what I was all about and he showed me his website so I could see what he was all about. What I saw on his website made me so happy! He has a huge range from the beautiful to the erotic. His work is simply amazing!

And it all leads back to those covers for my books!

See most small publishers use websites where pictures are posted and then buy the rights to use said photos. This is great! However, sometimes the same models can show up on countless covers.

But not when I find my own photographers!

What’s great about Me. Shelby is that he is local. Right here in Kansas City!

He is very excited about what I was proposing and suggested we meet soon. I have a deadline LOOMING and told him it would be a couple of weeks.

So then I go to my eyeglass appointment and as I was leaving the store I saw that to my surprise this new photographer is .1 mile away! Holy crap!

A few seconds later I am meeting him! Shaking his hand!

What kind of crazy coincidence is that?

He is really into the idea of us sitting down and going through the creative process together and really involving me! I am so happy! He comes from a primarily film background and I write everything as if it were a film in my head.

I love life. And I can’t wait to see what comes of this!

So today I am grateful for….

1) That I am a photographer
2) That I am meeting photographers all the time
3) My covers at Dreamspinner Press and how involved I am with their creation
4) That I write for Dreamspinner Press
3) Cell phone aps
5) Meeting Jeff Mf Shelby
6) Wondrous coincidences

Life is full of “coincidences” if you look for them. Imagine, finding some photographer online at three something in the morning and meeting him by lunch time the same day! Isn’t my life magick?

And please don’t forget to look for life’s “coincidences.” Trust me. They are looking for you!

B.G. Thomas



photographs by Jeff Mf Shelby and book covers by Dave Suntown. The last photograph is called “Miss Him When He’s Gone.” That title brings it all together! Makes my heart pound!


2 thoughts on “Day 139 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Love Photography and Photographers!

  1. Oh BG you did it again!
    Hitting right in to what I was thinken/feeling just today.
    I love to take pictures – of everything, everywhere. Love to look photos made by others.
    But all winter I have practically not touched my camere but just now I’m packing for this years trip around Europe. And just aching to get on using my fine camera.
    Oh, and then the apps – that I’ve tried a couple of times – both here at home and abroad. Bou alwasy stopped and deleted again. Because for most it’s about sex/one night stands and nothine else. And what I want is not that – but something else and more. Like meeting people just like you tell about here.
    So you really inspired me to try again – be cool and try to ignore my discomfort at the random sexual encounters and gey beyond that.
    Once more I hear you say the famous words – Jump and the net will appear.
    Something I really would like to try, to do since I first read/heard it!


    • Thank you SO much for this comment Tue! HUGS and the best of luck in ALL.
      And I would love to see some of your photography!


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