Day 137 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful to Be Happy and Well After the Storms

thunderstorm by fanndango

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.
~~ Vincent Van Gogh

So I was woken last night kinda late by sirens. The tornado kind. Called a friend who I knew was up and there were all kinds of storms going on. Flash flood warnings. Tornado warnings. Water level was high on the roads. My new alarm system was making this funny noise and when I checked it, it was warning me about the tornados. Who knew it could do that. Kind of cool.

I was awake at this point so I posted about all the commotion on my Facebook page….

Was just woken by sirens. There are sever thunderstorm warning and tornado warnings. It’s just pouring rain… Freaky…. Can’t tell if I’m fascinated or scared…. Never heard of a tornado hitting downtown Kansas City though. This isn’t the plains where Dorothy got picked up and taken to Oz. Lights just flickered. Hope we don’t lose power. I hate that. Rain does seem to be lessening a little.

…and was promptly told that “19 tornadoes have touched down so far tonight between Texas and Minnesota.”

I was also given a list or tornados that have struck downtown in various large cities. Oh for goodness sake. I went back to bed.

Then very late, sometime around three my cell phone started blasting (this is something I didn’t know it did) to warn me about flooding. It nearly gave me a heart attack it was so loud. Took me three times to figure out it wasn’t some new sound my alarm clock was making, but my phone. The message said…

Flash Flood Warning the area til 7:30 AM CDT. Avoid flood areas. Check local media. –NWS

It wanted me to get up at 3:13 AM? To turn on the TV?? And the message was Not Work Safe? I don’t know any other meaning for NWS. And what is CDT?

I went back to sleep trying not to wonder what CDT means….

Now I am awake again and I’ve peeked into the basement and all looks well. We’ve never had our basement flood although it has gotten wet on one side in one big corner…. Our house just high enough that the water runs quickly down the street during big rains.

But I am happy to say I am alive and well even as I rub the sleep from my eyes.

I briefly thought about logging online and checking the news to see what went on throught the night and then I thought…why? Like I am not going to find out if it was serious? Like it isn’t going to be the talk all day and maybe even into the week? Like the second I post this and the AOL newfeeds come up it won’t be the first story?

I will try not to look.

I have power. It didn’t go off in the night. My tree is still standing. Do I want to know on a Sunday morning how many people died last night? Do I want to start my day that way?

Not really.

So instead I am happy that I am sitting hear writing this, alive and well. Mostly well. Been home sick the last two days. But feeling surprisingly better this morning. Think I won’t go anywhere today except church.

I hope that you are all well too.

Another day I have been given! I will rejoice and be glad in it!

I still don’t know what CDT means though…. LOL!

B.G. Thomas


4 thoughts on “Day 137 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful to Be Happy and Well After the Storms

  1. I’m glad you are okay. In this case, I’d bet NWS equals National Weather Service. No clue on the other alphabet soup.


  2. CDT is Central Daylight Time. NWS is National Weather Service. It appears you have alerts turned on in an ap somewhere on your phone. Glad you made it through. More rain dumped on Oklahoma. We’ve had over 10 inches so far this month alone (Heck the last 10 days alone…). No tornadoes last night, for a change.


    • Glad you’re okay too. It is a stunningly gorgeous day here today. Maybe even a tad warm. Nice breeze and my windchimes are playing beautifully.


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