Day 133 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Unexpected Treats

“I like to try new things.”
~~ Rufus Wainwright

So while I was in Brookfield last week we went to this Amish store. They had all kinds of stuff. Candies and cheese, pastas and meats, spices and more. And jams and jellies!

That had it all. Not only the normal ones but also stuff like boysenberry and gooseberry and stuff like that. But the one that really surprised me was dandelion jelly.

Dandelion jelly?

Who ever heard of dandelion jelly?

I’ve heard of dandelion wine. But jelly?

I had to get some. They didn’t have the small size and R had to ask if I was sure. Well of course I was sure. It was only $3.99 after all. I don’t think you can get a Big Mac for that these days.

So this morning I tried it and OMGosh! So good! Sooooooo good!

Utterly delicious!

What a unexpected surprise! Life is full of unexpected surprises and not only did I find something in a little Amish store in a little town of barely five thousand people, but it turned out to be incredibly good.

I’ve never understood the unwillingness to try new things. I’ll try almost anything. Because there is those unexpected surprises.

So today I start my day with a wonderful new treat. They only way is up!

B.G. Thomas


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