Day 129 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Gay Community

“Being gay has taught me tolerance, compassion and humility. It has shown me the limitless possibilities of living. It has given me people whose passion and kindness and sensitivity have provided a constant source of strength. It has brought me into the family of man, Mama, and I like it here. I like it.”
~~ Armistead Maupin, “Letter to Mama”

So tonight after work I am heading to a gay men’s dinner group. I am really looking forward to it, especially since R is out of town.

I was shocked the first time I went to know that someone there knew me. He remembered me from a gay men’s support group over twenty-five years ago! I can’t imagine! How? How did he remember me? I didn’t remember me.

But then I started to…. It was a long time ago and I was coming out and everything that went with that and excited to be around gay men and dating men and all that. It was an amazing time.

I am sure I will see him and his husband tonight. At least I hope so.

We are meeting tonight where we did the first time I joined this group. The theme is Italian and having to work all day (12 hours) there is really nothing I can cook. So I found some wonderful bread with cheese and black olives and I will have just enough time to rush home, warm it, take a super fast shower, and head over there before the food begins. One thing I’ve discovered. Set your food down after everyone’s been through the line and you will take home what you brought!

This is a great social group with men of all shapes and sizes, and mostly around my age. It’s nice. Comforting. And since we’re gay we’re never boring, even if we aren’t in our twenties anymore. In fact in most ways, we’re far more interesting.

Oh! And they have a hot tub! Gay Soup!

You have not lived until your tipsy and it a hot tub full of gay men!

I live in a world of most heterosexual people. Almost everyone I know is heterosexual. Now that I rarely, if ever, go to gay bars anymore I don’t seem to socialize with gay men. Which is a shame. It’s nice to be amongst my tribe….

Tonight is going to be wonderful!

B.G. Thomas


photo by jeltovski7 and morgueFile


One thought on “Day 129 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Gay Community

  1. Have a wonderful time. This must be the group where you met Stephen J. Mulrooney. I read his books after you mentioned meeting him. They were great.


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