Day 118 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for a New Security System


So the old security system was giving us problems. Wasn’t very loud. Half the time we didn’t even know if it was on or not.

Then we get a call from them. Seems people were going around the neighborhood telling everybody that they had gone out of business or were going out of business and stealing customers. It’s almost ironic, isn’t it?

We told them we weren’t really planning on going to another company, we were just dissappointed that an upgrade would cost so much.

Well to our happiness, they checked and found out that we haven’t even been late on a payment in all the years we have had them and they came an gave us an amazing update in equipment and motion detectors and cameras–for nothing! Not a cent! All we had to do was agree to stay with them another three years which was no problem because had already told them we weren’t planning on going anywhere.

And the two guys who did it were very cute!

There are all kinds of silver linings, you know?

Security and curtness!

Feeling safe tonight!
B.G. Thomas

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