Day 117 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Thankful for a Cell Phone

I never knew what I was missing until I had one. Never really needed one. I never understood the texting thing. What is so darned important that it can’t wait until I get home? My answering machine did me fine for years. And what did people do before answering machines? They did just fine.

But then I noticed how it was more than being able to make a call before I got home.

It’s information. Often at a moments notice, It might not be more than a few of us are sitting having dinner with friends and we decide to go see a movie and–poof!–we know!

I might be writing in my notebook at work and I come to this part where I just leave a little “xxx” and fill it in when I get home. I need to know that minute because the direction of the story relies on the information. Before my trusty cell phone I might have to wait five or ten hours until I get home.

It’s become a joke with me and friends. We’ll be wondering about some piece of trivia or who that was in a movie we were watching or whatever…. And then we sit up and we say, “Hey! What if we had this little device that would allow us access to this weird world wide net of information!

And GPS! Thank you JP Barnaby for letting me know my phone had that too. It has been amazing and gotten me to a lot of places I would have never found.

And Shazam! Oh yeah! To be hearing that song on the radio that the darned DJ never seems to tell you and I hold up my phone and touch a little button and BING! It’s “I’m Yours,” by Jason Mraz!

And it’s the ability to stay in contact with my readers. To share with them and have them share with me.

To be able to post immediately to Facebook and the like. It’s pretty darned cool.

And if I’m in trouble. I can find help right away.

All that is pretty cool for less than fifty bucks a month!

An indulgence? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, I’m grateful!

B.G. Thomas


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