Day 110 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for a Sense of Touch

SkinnerTo be able to feel the lightest touch really is a gift.
~~ Christopher Reeve

Another of life’s wonders and pleasures is a sense of touch.

Texture. Rough and smooth, sharp and dull.

Silk, the cotton of the bed sheets, wool.

The fur of my dog Sarah Jane with I pet her—so soothing to us both. The feathers of my friend Cricket’s bird—scratching her on the back or her neck or rubbing her beneath her wings when she lifts them for me.

A sense of touch warns me when something is too hot or too cold so that I can let go or back off before I’m harmed.

Skin. Mine or a lover’s. The sensuous feel of a day’s worth of beard growth—mine on someone else’s. The soft hair on his arm…. A hand in mine.

Do I count the tongue and all I feel with it? Food, chewing on the end of a pen, a lozenge, running it across my teeth to know if they’re clean…. Skin…it feels so different all over a lover’s body.

The feel of a day’s worth of beard growth….

Yes I include a tongue because that sense isn’t just our fingers. It’s a breeze through my hair or across my face. Sand or leaves or grass beneath my feet. Water when I slip into a bath. How wonderful to be naked in water, feeling everywhere. It’s why I skinny-dip at Camp Gaea (know as Camp Sanctuary in my books!).

It’s the sense of touch that allows the blind to be able to read—Braille!

The fact that I can type this right now is because of my sense of touch. And something ironic! Funny! EM Lynley just recently told me something that I never knew and I blush to say it. There is a mark on the F key and the J key. So I can find the home row and type even when it’s dark and I can’t see the keys. Sense of touch!

My sense of touch allows me to set my imagination into drive so I can type my stories! How can I not be grateful for that? I take it for granted.

Today I am touching things. Every texture I can think of from the rough fabric on the dining room chair to the smoothness of paper. I am not taking it for granted!

Thank you Universe for a sense of touch! You are a Master!

B.G. Thomas

photograph by Dan Skinner


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