Day 103 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Taxes

…nothing is certain except death and taxes.
~~ Benjamin Franklin

Taxes: Of life’s two certainties, the only one for which you can get an automatic extension.
~~ Author Unknown

It seems a funny thing to be thankful for. Taxes. And the great big amount I had to pay this year….

But it didn’t take me long to see the bright side…the silver lining…and there were several.

1) I had a friend who has done taxes part time for years and all those numbers are her speciality. It’s what she does for a living. If not for her I would never have been able to do them and I bet I would have paid a lot more. Or I would have claimed things that could have set up a red flag and had “them” coming after me. For instance, I can’t write off my day at Disney World this year (on next year’s taxes) unless a significant amount of a story that I write takes place at Disney World. A page or two doesn’t count.

2) Even though I made quite a bit more this year, I didn’t pay that much more in taxes. That’s because my friend taught me to keep much better records and I was able to write more off. Real stuff that won’t send up any red flags.

3) And finally, it was all a sign that I am going to be able to do this–and soon. Give up my day job and be quite comfortable in writing full time.

What could be better than that?

I hear so many people complain about having to pay taxes, and where are they going to get the money to pay those taxes. I had the money to pay them. That is a sure fire number 4, isn’t it?

I’m thinking of how much money I made to have to pay those taxes on. And that makes me smile big time!

Today I am grateful especially from my friend Cricket. There’ll be more about her on a later date. It’ll be huge. She is that special.

Until then,
B.G. Thomas


photo by kconnor at morgueFile


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