Day 102 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful for Editors

“There Are Two Typos Of People In This World: Those Who Can Edit And Those Who Can’t”
― Jarod Kintz

It never ceases to amaze me that I can write a story, read it several times, and still I can make some colossal boner!

Like I had a character who in the early chapters of the book had a sister and remembers when he was a kid he loved to ride her pink bike, and then at the end of the book was an only child.

Or how I will start a couple making love at the house of one character’s house, and they finish at the other character’s apartment!

Now only that, but with each round of edits on each book, I become a better and better writer.

Today it’s final edits on my Daily Dose story, “Until I Found You” (which previously had a title that just wouldn’t work–thank you editors for that too!). I was startled that there were still mistakes being caught!

And then there’s Ann Byassee. She gets me. She understands why I chose a word that might not be typical. She understands my love affair with the parenthetical phrase. She understands weird grammatical choices and why I might leave out a comma or put one in an even weirder place. I have grown to trust her so much that she in many ways has carte blanch to make changes without me even looking and knows when I need to look and make a judgement.

She has become my master polisher, confidant and even friend–and we never have to worry ever that our friendship will upset our professional relationship. And I recently got to meet her face to face after several years of knowing each other. We loved each other! HURRAY!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Today I am grateful (and more than just today) to editors. I couldn’t really tell my tales without them.

B.G. Thomas
photograph by jppi from morgueFile


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