Day 101 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Indulgences

Every once in awhile, a girl has to indulge herself.
~~ Sarah Jessica Parker

I’ve been indulging myself with great coffee this past week or so and even the occasional doughnut.

But this time it was ice cream at Glacé. OMgosh!

Made from Midwest milk and all natural ingredients, Glacé Artisan Ice Cream is churned in small batches to ensure a deliciously smooth and creamy experience. They are constantly creating new flavors and each is more amazing than the last. Some of those flavors are Bananas Foster (so good!), Basil Lime Sorbet. Caramelized Pineapple, Christopher Elbow Dark Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Fleur de Sel Caramel, Goat Cheese & Wildflower Honey and Indonesian Cinnamon.

This time I had a scoop of lavender ice cream (yes, lavender–and it was heavenly) and a scoop of lemon grass ginger (also heavenly, with little pieces of candied ginger right in there).

And I took home two pints–one of lavender and the other of peanut butter. Not only are they indulgences because of how sinfully delicious they are–and the flavor and texture is over-the-top amazing) but at $7.50 a pint, it’s not cheap.

But one thing about attracting the great things in life is treating yourself great. Not to make yourself go bankrupt, but to know you are worthy of good things.

I knew someone who once a month would go into the bar of this very ritzy, very expensive bar in a very upscale hotel here in Kansas City and sit down and have one or two pricey martinis….

And here was why (this is important!)….

1) To indulge himself once in a while and accept himself as worthy of the expense
2) NOT to think of it as “expensive” and “why am I doing thing” and “oh I can afford this ONCE in awhile.”

Because that means is that he would only EVER be able to afford it once in awhile.

We attract to us what we beleive. If we believe that we can’t afford something, we will never ever be able to afford it. If we believe that we will have the funds at the right and proper and perfectly designed time—–then we will have the funds when the time comes.

To have that martini as IF we can do it ANY time we want and the expense is nothing, it is the experience that counts, that means the time will come when we are having expensive martinis and not even checking the price.

So this time it was ice cream at Glacé. Because at the right and proper time, I won’t worry about $7.50. I won’t even ask the price. It is coming! This I believe!

Leap! The net will appear!
B.G. Thomas



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