Day 99 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful to Be Living the Dream

Baby 3 by juditu

Matthew 6:25-27; “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

The birthing process is painful. Most babies cry their eyes out when they come into this world. They have come from this warm wonderful wondrous floating place, their ears filled with the beat of their mother’s heart…

…and then they are thrust into a world of harsh lights and doctors spanking them and loud noises. To wet and poopy diapers. To colic and diaper rash and upset stomachs. To people screaming and shouting.

And then something happens if they are allowed. They learn to laugh. Ever seen a smiling baby? I am not even a big fan of children and a laughing baby makes every single problem I have seem like nothing. I can’t help but laugh!

I am going through a birthing process. At one point in my life I had (and still have) everything most people want. A job. A home. A husband. A wonderful daughter. A job that gives me lots of vacation time. A great 401K. Good benefits. People would (seriously) kill for my opportunities.

And yet….

When it comes to the job? My job does nothing but suck out my soul and crush my dreams. I talk about stuff that concerns me and people look at me like I am insane. Especially people from other countries who had lives far far far worse than anything I could conceived of before they moved to the United States.

“Get over it, Ben! Grow up! Do you realize what you have?”


But I have come to find out that this dream of theirs is not mine. No matter how crazy that might sound. I do not want to work until I am 62/65/60-whatever. I do not want to retire and watch football games. I have dreams! And those dreams are NOT what I have lived for these past nine years.

I am tired, beyond tired, of having people tell me that my dreams are not “practical.” That you just can’t make it in the field of the arts. Arts meaning; art, acting, dancing, directing, writing, singing….

“Ben! Do you know how many people want to be writers? Be real! Be practical! Get a real job and write part time and be satisfied if your story gets published in a newsletter that five people read. Reality is a real job! You should be happy with just a half cup. Be grateful for just enough. Don’t pursue your dreams! Dreams are silly. Grow up!”


Friends tell me this! Family tells me this!

“Ben! Don’t live your dream! That is so silly! It is not practical!”

Live in chains. Live as a slave. Live in the darkness.

I have been told NOT to tell my niece to pursue her dreams of being a film-maker! Well guess what?? I am NOT going to do that! I am going to support her and encourage her in EVERY way!

And in ten years when she is accepting her Oscar I am going to be screaming and doing back flips! Any maybe, just maybe, during her acceptance speech she will say, “And thank you Uncle Ben for telling me to reach for my dreams!”

I want to declare it right here! Everyone one of us can achieve their dreams! There is SO much abundance in the Universe.

God wants us to be happy!

The Universe doesn’t want us to be happy with just enough!

We are not supposed to be satisfied with a half cup! God wants us to have a full cup! And a bottle too! And a vat even!

I will NOT be satisfied with crumbs from the table! I am getting in a chair and I am sitting at the table and I am grabbing a full plate. I am taking what I want from the bounty and I will NOT eat food I don’t like and be happy for it. I will take seconds and thirds from my favorite food because I know there is PLENTY! There is more than enough and what I take will not take food from my neighbors mouth!

I will NOT be satisfied with this job that enslaves me sucks out my soul and crushes my dreams and treats me like sh*t.

I am a dreamer! I am a writer! My message spreads hope!

So do not come to me and tell me to be practical! I will not hear it. I will not listen.

Come to me and tell me you believe in me. I belive in you!

Tell me to reach for the sky! Tell me to reach for the gold. I am telling you to do the same!

I am doing it.

And some people around me? They are trying to tear me down. They see all my dreams are coming true. And they are envious and jealous and they are trying to block my good.

NO ONE can block our good except ourselves!

Reach for the gold! Leap! The net will appear!

This pain I am going through? It’s the birth process. It is painful. But soon I will be the laughing baby.

Who wants to join me?

B.G. Thomas


baby by juditu from morgueFile


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