Day 98 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Love My Windchimes

wind chimes
floating on the breeze
wind chimes
wafting through the trees
wind chimes
the sound of angels cloud dancing
~~ Christine Lavin

I have a lot of windchimes. And I am in love with them.

Many moons ago there was a movie with William Hurt and Kathleen Turner called Body Heat. In it, one of the characters has this porch loaded with windchimes and I knew in an instant that when I one day had my own house, there would be a ton of windchimes.

I have my own house. And I have a lot of windchimes! I have metal ones and wooden ones and tiny ones and rather big ones. When the breeze is going like tonight the sound is loverly.

Someday I want on of those really big ones and go–bong…bong…bong–like a Buddhist monastery or something. But the cheapest I’ve found them are at least two hundred dollars and my husband would have a stroke. Especially since he doesn’t even like them!

I do though…

I love to write on my porch and listen to those chimes. I love to sit on my porch late at night in the dark and just be carried to other worlds by those melodic sounds.

I have even captured a bit of that sound and place it here in my blog. Did it at night so there would be no distraction to the sound.

And one day I will have those lovely deep ones.

Until then, I meditate even as I type these words….

B.G. Thomas


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