Day 97 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for a Lack of Allergies

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”
~~ Henri Matisse

So while I watch my husband, friends, neighbors, and co-workers sneeze and wipe constantly at their eyes I sit here in gratitude that the only thing I know for sure I am allergic to is penicillin and MSG. It’s nice.

I know people who can’t have whey, gluten, milk products, peanuts and corn…most of which are pretty much in anything.

These friends are limited in so many ways to what they can eat. No pizza! Aaarrggghhh! I can’t imagine!

I am writing this with the door open and the lovely sweet smell of my hyacinth is wafting into the living room. My husband is downstairs in his man cave or he would be in trouble!

I am remembering more and more not to take seemingly small things for granted. Small until it’s a problem. I don’t even think about gluten or peanuts. My allergic friends do!

I sit an luxuriate in the many smells and scents of Spring. They put my husband and hit mother into a state where they can hardly breath.

So many things I take for granted! Things I should remember to be grateful for.

And I am being immensely grateful for a lack of allergies right now!

See? You really can be grateful for a lack of something!

B.G. Thomas

photo of hyacinths by hellicopterjeff from morgueFile. Sadly my hyacinth got pretty rain-battered. They still smell wonderful but aren’t photoworthy right now!


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