Day 96 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Grateful for Rest

“Rest and be thankful.”
~~ William Wordsworth

I can’t believe how many naps I’ve taken in the last two days. I guess I needed them.

And tomorrow it’s back to work. But it’s a week of only eight hour days.

And that is two wonderful things to be thankful for.

Tonight that is all I am going to say. After all, I think that’s a lot to be grateful for!

B.G. Thomas

PS: And cheese. I am grateful for some good ol’ sharp Amish cheddar cheese. Yeah. That too.
PPS: And Sarah Jane curled up sleeping at my side. Yup. That!
PPPS: And good friends wishing me well and sending me fun bear pictures. I can’t forget that!
PPPPS: And over two houndred likes on my Easter bonnet picture on Facebook! Over 200 likes!
PPPPPS: That’s a lot to be grateful for! I am so blessed!

Easter Facebook Icon (lg)

photo of resting lioness by hotblack at morgueFile


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