Day 94 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Am Grateful for the Moment(s)


If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life.
~~ Abraham Hicks


I am sitting here at my favorite coffee shop in the world–Oddly Correct. It a bright and chilly morning I’m here on a Saturday morning! On the way to work! I’m having a Gibraltar and a pistachio almond doughnut and l am relishing this moment.

How often do l remember to relish a moment? Moments are precious. Today l am grateful for this moment.

And to go? Why it’s something called Carlos Ramirez Lactic Fermentation Process from Columbia. Here’s what the menu says; plum, blood orange, raspberry lemonade.

It’s recommended. First a sip of water….

Oh!!! Perfection…. oh, there’s the plum, first over the tongue….and yes…definitely the blood orange… It takes a few swallows to get the raspberry…. It comes with the lingering…. That aftertaste taste that’s usually just bitterness with commercial coffees and why so many people don’t like coffee (l didn’t).

But this…. This is luxury. This is to be savored. This is a precious moment in a life full of wonder. I am so thankful to not only have noticed this moment, but to have taken time to have appreciated it….

This morning l am grateful for…

1) Good coffee
2) Sunshine
3) Smiles from the sweet barista and the cute customer who shares my name and a love of good books
4) Time enough
5) A new day to explore. I wonder what awaits me?


It was a long and tiring day. But it’s good to be home and it was an honest day’s work. I deserve this “tired.” I earned it. Now is my time.

I was thinking how lucky I am. Yesterday, for some reason, my new novella that I’m finishing the last of my edits suddenly and for some inexplicable reason erased the indent feature at the beginning of every single paragraph. I couldn’t figure it out. I sent it to my editor who discovered if she went to the end of every single paragraph and hit “enter” it added the indent. The copy feature was not working. It had to be done by hand.

And she did it for me! I tried to tell she didn’t need to. She was watching TV with her husband. She did it anyway. Meanwhile I taking the uncorrupted (and unedited version) and working from where I left off, and then copied and pasted that into the fixed copy (which thankfull included most of the edits l had done the night before) and spliced them together.

How amazing is that? How amazing that someone would take so much time to help me?

I love you Andi Byassee. You are the best.

This evening I am grateful for….

1) Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout
2) Papa Murphy’s pizza (love at 425°)
3) My friend and partner, Andi Byassee

What could be better than all of this?

B.G. Thomas


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