Day 92 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Honored to Be Author of the Month!

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What a way to start the month of April. Not only does this month mark writing for five years, but I am teh Author of the Month as Sandra Harden’s amazing blog My Fiction Nook.

I don’t even know what to say. I will just be blubbering and jumping up and down!

I met Sandra at GayRomLit in Chicago Land last year and we had lunch and she was saying all the sweet and proper things and then…oh my gosh! She began to ask me these questions about my series Seasons of Love. She wanted to know who the third book was going to be about (each of the four books focuses on one of four best friends). When I told her Autumn Changes was about Asher, she proceeded to analyzed the character and tell me what she though made him such a s*it. I sat there amazed. Sandra wasn’t some polite reader and she wasn’t blowing smoke up my…ear either. This lade was reading my books and thinking about them! I was so thrilled! She had so much figured out about my character with a heart of stone.

Then Sandra proceeded to help me set up my table at the big autographing session!

I fell in love!

Well, I knew I had met someone special!

She asked me if I would honor her by being a featured Author of the Month at her blog. Me. Honor her! Well let me say right now that I am the one honored and I told her I would be thrilled. She asked me which month I would like and I told her April. It’s my anniversary! Five years of writing.

And today is the first of my four featured blog entries at My Fiction Nook. I really am happy. My Fiction Nook is an awesome blog.

So today I go to work with a big smile on my face. No one can steal my happiness today! Tears of happiness.

And really–the only way anyone can is if I let them!

Thank you Sandra Harden! I love you!

B.G. Thomas


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