Day 77 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Am Grateful I Went to a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

“Were it a dream, it would be a most wondrous dream; but it’s more. It’s a life. And I don’t have to remember any of it. It remembers me.”
~~ Stephen J. Mulrooney

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. My husband is out of town and some people might think I’m an extrovert when in reality I am an extroverted introvert. It takes me a lot of courage to put a smile on my face and plunge into a crowd. Once I’m there though, and get rolling, I’m okay.

I was going to go with my neighbors two doors down, which would have been my way “in.” They opted out. Were’t feeling well.

So I almost didn’t go….

…but something was telling me I needed to go!

So I sucked it up and went. So glad I did! It was so nice to get to know my neighbor! What is wonderful! And there was so much good food! Corned beef and cabbage and soda bread and Guinness bread (OMG!) and potatoes and more more more!

And what a delightful crowd. Lots of nice people and then….guess what?

I was talking to this charming gay couple who’ve been together for 33 years and one of them is a writer! His name is Stephen J. Mulrooney and we have a number of mutual friends (wouldn’t you know it?). He has two books on Amazon and I’ve been looking over them and they look delightful! I am going to have to read them both! And now I have a nice local gay writer friend. I’ve been thinking of trying to put a local group together to meet once a month and encourage each other.

So thank you Universe for pushing me to go! I am so happy I did!

Magick magick magick!
B.G. Thomas


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