Days 76 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Today I Am Grateful for My Friend J.P. Barnaby

“Friends are like walls. Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes it’s good just knowing they are there.”
~~ Author Unknown

I am such a lucky man. I have such dear friends.

And J.P. “Trish” Barnaby is certainly one of those.

First I read her books. The first was book one of her Little Boy Lost series. I loved it. And when I found out she was going to be at the Dreamspinner Press conference in New York that I was going to I was so excited to know I would meet her face to face.

It was funny how it happened.

My room mate wasn’t in the hotel yet, and it was in his name–the one and only Andrew Grey. I was thirsty and wanted some pop and maybe something stronger (for the room) and there were a group of us who wanted to go. The hotel offered to shuttle us to the nearest store that had both and we would walk the eight or ten blocks back.

Who knew New York blocks were so big?

It was hot and by the time we got back I was nasty and tired and very sweaty and wished aloud that I could take a shower and she jumped right forward and told me I could use her bathroom! How nice! I couldn’t believe it!

Oh, it was blessed relief. And she was all so pleased because she could tell everyone she had a man naked in her room!

That’s how it all began.

We chatted and I loved her and we met again and again at events across the country. I will never forget the Albuquerque trip and seeing her wearing a hilarious T-shirt with a bunch of men standing at urinals and the logo, “Texas Hold’em.” I had to have one and she led me right to the shop.

She is always there with a smile (gosh, I love her smiles) and those raised eyebrows and laughter and naughty innuendos and kindness kindness kindness.

Why in Chicago, she picked me up from the airport, took me to the hotel (quite a drive), and later even picked me up some stuff for my room and refused to take a dime. “That’s what friends–family–are for!”

Today is J.P.’s birthday! And I hope it is wondrous!

J.P? I love you! Happy happy happy birthday! I love you! You are my peer and my example and my teacher and my dear friend.

And I can’t wait until I see you again!

Much Love,
B.G. Thomas

birthday by earl53


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