Day 75 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ So Grateful for the Weather!

“There are things around, and I know where they can be got quite easily, but I quite like waking up to the sunshine.”
~~ Terry Pratchett

I cannot believe that I am sitting here in my living room, typing away, with the front door hanging open and it’s 57°F with a promise of 83°F before the day is up. Eighty-three degrees!

And this boy ain’t complaining either! In fact–Whoot whoot!

I looked out the front door and the forsythia I mentioned yesterday is all a cluster with big yellow buds, the birds are twittering away, a Cardinal is singing his heart out (they have such beautiful music), and joy of joys, I don’t have to work the ED-Job today!

And I could hardly sleep the last few hours with a story just begging–begging!–to be written.

I need to make coffee. Yea! Coffee. Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore good coffee. Good coffee mind you. Roasted in small drums by my local roaster, probably yesterday, and made by the cup. Coffee with layers and layers and layers of flavor that doesn’t even need cream or milk or sugar and is most definitely not Folgers or Maxwell House. Of course my little bags are a little older than that, but not much. And I’ll make about three cups at once….

That’s it for today. No real words of wisdom. Nothing to change lives.

Except be grateful for every single day, no matter the temperature.

And be especially grateful for 57°F to 83°F weather and being able to lay about in the all together and write (or whatever floats your particular boat).

Joy and happiness,
B.G. Thomas

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