Day 66 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Help From a Friend

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”
~~ Oprah Winfrey

So yesterday was pretty wonderful. Love and laughter and business and a state of Dreamspinner Press and its growing success. So be blessed that DSP is where I started and where I’ve stayed and that I am a valued part of the team. What a joy!

Then stress! OMGosh! We went to a grocery store for lunch (to save some money! LOL!) and … I couldn’t find my credit card! I did not have it. I called back to the hotel and my room mate couldn’t find it. The front desk didn’t have it. The nerves hit and I battled not falling into “what if?” I practice that–NOT falling into “what if?”

What if doesn’t exist and it tears us apart!

So I call the restaurant that we had our meal last night and YES! They had it. A little stress to get there but it happened.

So I get back to the workshop and combined with the lack of sleep I could barely stay awake and so I went and took a nap.

Then it was a wonderful night of cocktails and mixing with friends and peers.

But what I must report is how grateful I am to a wonderful lady–Shannon–who immediately (upon finding out I needed to get to Deep Blu to get my credit card) volunteered to take me to get it. This is despite the fact that the event I was missing to go get my card was one she really wanted to go to.

What’s more–she wasn’t the only one willing to help! My editor Andi–her husband was willing to help! The wonderful author Lloyd Meeker was willing to help! Without thinking they were all willing to help and I know so many other’s would have. Think of my room mate who tore the room apart looking for the CC! What wonderful people!

But at this second I have to say “I love you Shannon!” SO much. And what is neat is she is the first fan (of mine) I ever met (several years ago). Since then she’s become a important staff member at Dreamspinner Press. I loved my time with her.

And I love her!

Thank you Shannon and thank you all and thank you Universe for all you shower upon me!

B.G. Thomas


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