Day 61 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Eleven Days Off!

Eleven Days Off by pippalou

“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.”
― Steve Maraboli

I am so blessed blessed blessed to have eleven (count them!) days off of work! I am going on a big wonderful trip where I am going to relax, party some, play some, and spend tons of time with fellow writers as well as editors, artists, and publishers. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. And I am finally finally finally going to meet my dear friend Andi Byassee (the amazing editor that makes my books so good)! I am so excited.

There is so much magick in my life. How would I have guessed five years ago that all this was in store for me.

They teach at the Center for Spiritual Living that we shouldn’t ask how, we just need to believe. To focus on our goals and on good and abundance. That when we think about what we don’t have, we send out a vibration that attracts what we are thinking of–more “Don’t Have.”

But when we believe, when we know what we want and need is already here, already dropping into our hands, then we send out a vibration that attracts those things to us.

Now I know a lot of people won’t believe that, they’ll think it’s crazy and New Age. But I knew the instant I heard these things that it was true. Because of things that happened in my past before I heard this teaching.


1) I have always wanted to go to Egypt. It was a huge dream. And whenever I saw someone wearing a cartouche necklace I’d ask them where they got it and of course the answer was almost always when they went to Egypt. At first I would just be crushed with jealousy and envy and think “I’ll never go!” But then one day I got this…hunch? A new way of looking at things? And I would just start saying, “I’m going to Egypt.” I’d see people with those cartouche necklaces and be thrilled and happy for them and ask what is was like and I would say, “I’m going one day!”

Then one day my mom calls me and says, “I know this is kind of kooky, but would you have any interest in going to Egypt? I’ve got this trip for two thing going and your dad just isn’t healthy enough to go….”

I nearly fell over.

And I went to Egypt!

2) I was a big Star Trek fan in my teens (still am). And whenever I would hear about people who had been on the set I would get so jealous! And there was no way I could ever do the same because the show was over and canceled. Then Star Trek; the Next Generation came on and I was thrilled. I managed to get the writer’s “bible” for the show and I would look at blue prints and I would watch the show and I would fantasize that I got to go be on the set. Now I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was activating this vibration…. Sending this request out to the Universe.

Then out of the blue my pastor tells me her best friend who lives in California is coming to visit. So I got to meet him and we all went out to dinner where I discover that he is good friends with two people who work for Star Trek TNG! Gene Roddenberry’s secretary and his personal assistant! AND he is also very good friends with a guy who just sold a script to the show! He told me he’d been on the set many times and I just fawned over him asking question after question.

Then about a week after he flew home, he calls me and asks if I want to get on the set! They are filming his friend’s episode–Ménage à Troi–and scored me a set pass! I nearly lost my mind. But I was single with bills falling out of everywhere and I couldn’t afford to fly. Well guess what? This guy flew all over the country every week with his job and had about a billion frequent flier miles and he flew me to Los Angeles for free! I mean I didn’t even know this guy and he was doing this for me!

And I got on set! I was on almost ALL the sets (or right next to them!). I saw aliens galore! I leaned on the bar in Ten Forward! I stepped up onto the transporter platform! I met Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barret! I sat around Gene’s office and watched dailies!

I could tell story after story after story of these amazing things that I wanted just dropping into my lap. I wanted to go on a silent retreat with a spiritual teacher known as the Lama Surya Das, and someone anonymously paid for me to go.

And the key is gratitude. It is like that story about my ex that I told the other day. When we are grateful grateful grateful (truly grateful and not insincerely grateful) the Universe gives us even more to be grateful for.

Does that mean there is a force field keeping bad things away? That we won’t get sick or lose a job or a spouse or anything like that? No. It doesn’t.

But I find when I focus on the good in my life then I see more and more good. Even IF it is just psychological, even if all these things are coincidental, isn’t that a better and happier way to live than living life factitiously?

I think so. And it’s what makes me such a happy person.

Focus on the good! Focus on your blessings. You can’t go wrong!

B.G. Thomas

Art by pippalou from morgueFile

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