Day 59 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I’ve Got a Golden Ticket!

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I think luck is the sense to recognize an opportunity and the ability to take advantage of it. The man who can smile at his breaks and grab his chances gets on.
– Samuel Goldwyn

So it was a bit of a nerve racking morning. I was determined that it wouldn’t go down that way, but it got away from me.

This morning author positions/seats went on sale for the GLBT event know as GayRomLit. They call it a retreat but in many ways it’s a convention for GLBT romance fiction. Now here’s the thing. There is a limit on how many authors can register because they want fans and readers to be able to go as well and have a good ratio of all.

Many writers want to secure a Featured Author position because it allows us to promote ourselves, to be on a panel or do a book reading, to give away freebies (that promote ourselves) and be in the big huge autographing event toward the end of GayRomLit. If you are a writer, you are not allowed to promote yourself if you are not a Featured or Supporting Author!

So the “tickets” go on sale on a particular day at 12:00 Eastern Time.

The first year the author slots went in about a week or so.

The next year they went in about 15 minutes.

Last year it was about six minutes.

So an author had to be perched over their computers hitting refresh refreshrefreshrefreshrefreshrefresh for the instant the slots went on sale and then stab that “product button.”

I had to work today but they let me go home for an “hour” so I could try and get a position. It’s a really BIG deal.

So it’s very snowy and blustery so instead of it taking me ten minutes to get home it took me almost twenty-five. I got home with minutes to spare. But this time I was steps away from being a nervous wreck. My husband reminded me of what I already know. Panic does nothing. Worrying does nothing. Fear accomplishes nothing. Being negative could actually set up a Universal vibration I don’t want vibrating.


I start the ritual…hitting refresh refreshrefreshrefreshrefreshrefresh.

And the positions didn’t come online! I got very anxious. Had the slots sold in seconds year and I already missed out?

I called my dear friend EM Lynley and asked her and she thanked God and said, “Oh good, it’s not just me.” We coached each other along.

Then, finally, at like eleven minutes after there was the Purchase Button! I stabbed! And it went into my cart! I started the process. I read and agreed to the conduct agreement. I went to pay. I fed in my credit card information.

And then….


Nothing nothingnothingnothingnothing….

The site seemed to be saying that I had paid but the site wasn’t sending me to the final screen. I wasn’t getting an email notification that I had paid.

I panicked. I opened another screen and sure enough the 80 seats were gone! Sold out!

But did I have one or not? I posted something on Facebook!

And then the wondrous Teresa Emil contacts me and tells me all is well, she can see my payment posted. I am in as a Featured Author! She went out of her way to do this! Wondrous lady!

And I have nothing to do but praise everyone involved with GayRomLit. Especially Reese Dante who has helped me so many times it’s utterly ridiculous. She coached me through so much last night for instance. And she is even more amazing in person!

And of course Carol Lynne who in so many ways started this in the first place.

And Ethan Day.

And so many others!

And in 228 days I will be in San Diego at the beautiful Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, California. And I can hardly wait! It is so much fun to be around other authors and to meet fans and readers and….well…cosmic.


And today I am so grateful to secure a Featured Author slot! Blessings upon blessing!

B.G. Thomas

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