Day 58 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ A Wonderful Anniversary!


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
~~ Walt Disney

I am thrilled to say that I have sold my newest novella, Shelter, to Dreamspinner Press for their Never Too Late Daily Dose.

This is exciting to me for several reasons. First, a sale and signing the contract never gets old. And I don’t care how many stories I’ve sold now, I am always nervous. Will it sell? I wonder–every time.

I was amazed when a very well known and best selling writer for Dreamspinner Press posted on her Facebook a week or so ago that she was nervously sending out a story. I couldn’t believe it! She had to know it would sell, I thought. They would publish her grocery list! So if someone of that popularity and caliber stills wonders, then it’s not so crazy that I do as well.

The second reason I am so excited is that this story marks my five years as a published author. I sold my very first story, Soul of the Mummy, to Dreamspinner Press for their summer Daily Dose, five years ago! This is my anniversary and it is a sale to the same annual collection that began my writing career. I am just thrumming with the good news.

And as I signed the contract, I found that it was my twenty-sixth with Dreamspinner. Autumn Changes, the third in my Seasons of Love series, was the twenty-fifth.

Now I also sold stories to Amber Quill, Silver Publishing, Freaky Fountain Press and Torquere Press. That means Shelter is my thirtieth contracted sale! I can scarcely believe it! And that doesn’t even count the foreign translations and audiobooks!

Does that mean I haven’t gotten any rejections slips? Nope. I sure have gotten them. I got one less than a year ago. A rejection slip just means to send the story to someone else or clean it up and try again.

In fact it was a rejection that in many ways really gave me the gumption to keep going. I was thrilled at having sold Soul of the Mummy and sent off a story about a triad to the anthology Necking. I loved that story and just knew I was going to sell it. I was invincible! LOL!

And it was rejected.

So I wrote the editor. Not upset, not angry. Just asking for advise. I was a new writer. Was the story flawed? Was it badly written? What could I do to be more of what they were looking for the next time I submitted a story? To my surprise, the wondrous Julianne Bentley wrote me back immediately and told me there was nothing wrong with the story. That I had submitted a very well-writen character study on how a believable and loving triad could come into existence, and she was looking for naughty three-way stories! She suggested that I should resubmit it as a stand-alone story.

So I cleaned it up a bit, added a few hundred words to make the wife less cardboard and less of a evil villian, put some sex in there, sent it back–and I sold Just Guys.

Julianne became a hero to me. She could have ignored my letter–most publishers would. Instead she not only said nice words about the story, but encouraged me.

When I finally met her face to face I couldn’t hug her enough. And let her know just what she meant to me and continues to mean to me to this day.

I put a lot of love into Shelter as well as an adorable puppy. I look forward to the process of bringing it into the world.

And meanwhile, I am just so grateful that all my dreams are coming true! What a wonderful world.

B.G. Thomas


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