Day 49 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Tonight I am Grateful for Carnitas Tacos

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”
~~ Paul Prudhomm

It was rough day. Not enough help. I’m tired. Too tired to cook.

And so I stoped by Pancho’s Mexican Food and got me some carnitas tacos and wow oh wow were they good. Got three and had two for dinner and the other one will be for lunch tomorrow. Two was all I could eat because they are big!

Oh they are delicious! Yum yum yummy! So nice to just be able to stop somewhere on the way home and pick up incredible food for a very reasonable price. I think of people who go hungry, and I am grateful.

So I found a nice way to end a tough day and while I don’t usually like to reward myself with food, I kept it to a reasonable amount. I didn’t go overboard. Which is also something I am grateful for….

I even got a little cheese sause for them.

Now I am on the couch with my little dog and I am watching a few episodes of Bates Motel.

And oh yea! Tough day maybe! But some vital piece of my new novel came together. And this is an important book for me.

I can always find a silver lining! There is always something wonderful in my life. Today it is carnitas tacos. Not a bad silver lining at all.

B.G. Thomas


2 thoughts on “Day 49 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Tonight I am Grateful for Carnitas Tacos

  1. No not at all. My husband was sick all last week, including Valentine’s Day. We postponed our plans for a time when he is well. Part of the plan was a play on Sunday afternoon. We already had the tickets so I went by myself and gave the extra ticket away in a pay it forward by leaving it at the box office and asking that it be gifted to the first person who came in needing to purchase a ticket. Afterwards, I took myself out for a Mexican meal. It was nice enough to sit out on the patio at the restaurant. I read on my Kindle while I ate. It is the first time in many a moon that I’ve taken myself out for a day like that because I married late in life (45) and prefer the company of my husband since he a great guy and fun and easy to hang out with. I had many a solo meal and theatre experience before marrying so I like the company of my love. However, I must say that I totally enjoyed the time I had and I just might have to have a monthly date with myself from now on. My man doesn’t mind. Especially since he became a vegetarian last year and I am not. I go along with the veg part at home but if I am out and I want meat I have it. So I guess I had a silver lining Valentine’s Day complete with Mexican food.

    I look forward to these blog posts of yours every day. My husband and I are in the habit of counting our blessings every evening before bed. I’m glad others are doing that as well.


    • Dear Susan

      I cannto tell you how much your comments mean to me. I feel very close to you right now. Thank you. Thank you so much.

      One day lets share a taco

      With Love


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