Day 45 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ My Man is Not Very Romantic…

“…but that’s why birds do it
Bees do it
Even over educated fleas do it
Let’s do it
Let’s fall in love!”
~~ Cole Porter

My man is not very romantic…

He wears plaids with strips and tennis shoes on a nice date

He rarely trims his beard (even for a nice date)

Rarely trims or cleans his nails

Romantic cards mean nothing to him

He had to be trained


to buy joke card’s for Valentine’s Day

He figures when I am on a diet I don’t even want one piece of chocolate for Valentine’s Day
*rolls eyes*

Figures it’s better to celebrate Valentine’s Day the day after so we don’t have to fight crowds

Thinks it is silly to give flowers because they’re just going to die
(“You don’t think they’re going to live forever on the plant do you, honey??)


He sits across from me at work one day on a break a week after asking me if I want to go on a trip to Baltimore and says, “You know why most gay men take a vacation in Maryland, don’t you?”

“No,” says I, busy reading my Nook.

“To get married…”

Pause while I continue to read…

Eyes pop!

“Are you asking me to marry you?!”

*applause in the break room*

When he’s romantic, he makes up for lost time!

Today I am grateful for love
Especially his love

B.G. Thomas


Photgraph by Michael Murphy

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