Day 39 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ Getting Better!

“I’ve got to admit it’s getting better.
It’s a little better all the time.”
~~ Paul McCartney

So I am still sick. All I did my three days off was sleep and watch Netflix.

But oh oh oh did I need the rest. I suspect all the overtime I’ve been doing is what made me susceptible to this cold in the first place. I used a half a box of Kleenex and the old snooze is raw. I even missed church today and I try never to miss church.

But I am on antibiotics and coming along.

So thankful thing number one—I have a GP, a family doctor. Except for a year or two where an insurance carrier I had didn’t work with him, I have seen the same man for probably around twenty years. This means he knows me.

It makes me understand why it is so awesome to have a family doctor.

A Canadian friend of mine told me she envies me being able to see the doctor that I want to see and that I can get in so quickly do see him. It makes me wonder about “free” healthcare and if I don’t have it better.

So my doctor was willing to call in a prescription even thought I hadn’t seen him yet (appointment is next week) and even though he doesn’t like to prescribe antibiotics. Apparently what I had described warranted it—plus how rarely I use them. He and I stand together on the idea that Americans at least way over use them, harming the immune system and making them reliant on medical means.

This man has stood by me when I was in terror that my ex had infected me with HIV (back in the days when you had to wait two weeks to get your results) and through the breakup with that ex and the introduction to the new man and treats R as my husband always. Great doctor. Sometimes he pisses me off, but I know he is looking out for me, and because he knows me so well, that he does in fact know better than me most times.

I think he fired a nurse when I had an appendisectomy and had fully described on the phone what I was going through and she recommended Mylanta.

And grateful thing number two? I am writing today! It is mostly transcribing a bunch of handwritten stuff, but it’s the first day I’ve been able to do anything! So happy and so thrilled to fall into the world I have created.

Now to get it finished before the looming deadline.

And it is like 70 degrees here today!


January and it’s 70 degrees!

I love it!

So much to be thankful for, even while I’m sick.

And my favorite soup tonight!

B.G. Thomas


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