Day 36 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I am So Grateful for My Friend Chris Miles!

“Your friend is your needs answered.”
~~ Khalil Gibran

Today is all about on of my dear friends that I talked about on day One of 365 Days of Silver. Today is about my a dear online friend Chris Miles who is one of the most wonderful people I know. And I’ve even never met her.

Which is part of why I am so grateful for Internet access!

Without it I would never have met Chris.

She is amazing. She is sweet. She is kind. She is thoughtful. She is encouraging. She is so generous. I adore her.

We met in a rather weird way. She and I both got fishtailed.

For her it was pretty bad. She really liked the guy. For me not has bad—because it had happened to me about a year before (and that one had been bad) and so I was becoming suspicious with this new online friend. The thing is, “he” had this little thing he did where he would recommend people’s Live Journals if you recommend his. And that is how I got to know Chris.

We hit it off rather quickly.

And when the story of this gay man living in a triad with two other perfect loving men and who all three set of parents were not only over the moon with happiness that their sons were gay but also thrilled that they were living in a triad…and then having children through a surrogate mother….when all this turned out to be a fabrication of this older woman living in a tiny village in England…and people all over the world were devastated (they sent this woman baby clothes!)…through all of that madness…

…Chris and I still had each other.

This blog is all about Silver Linings and WOW…talk about a Silver Lining! Chris was amazingly silver!

It seems so strange…

That out of this awfulness, two people met and became good friends.

She lives in Canada, far from me, but we both know that one day we will meet in person. Not sure how it will happen but I have learned that we don’t need to know the “how”—for as the writer Paulo Coelho says, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Oh I love Chris. I love her for the reasons listed above and for so many others.

We have seen each other through some difficult times—health, ugliness, online nastiness (not toward each other), and more….

And we have loved each other unconditionally.

She has edited my work. She has photoshoped for me. She has made these little “trading cards” of my characters for me so that I can look at them for inspiration when I am writing.

She is a wonderful writer and I can’t wait for her to finish her novel. I know she will sell it and I know it will make her famous!

There is so much I want to say about her, so many stories, but I will just say she is wonderful and I love her!

(and she has a pretty cute husband too!)

And today is her birthday!

So on this day I hold her high and pay her tribute and honor.

I love you my dear and wonderful friend!

Happy Birthday!

I am so grateful for you! So blessed. Love you Chris!

B.G. Thomas

chris 4 priyanphoenix


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