Day 35 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I am SO Grateful for Love & Support

“Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. For we are connected, one and all.”
~~ Deborah Day

Had a bit of a shock yesterday.

A writer, who I have done nothing but try to help, sent me a vicious email.

I first encountered this man when I read a story of his several years ago. I loved it! So I wrote him a fan letter and then we began to email each other on and off. Then he wrote another story which I loved just as much! I told him so.

Then he began to get turned down. Time after time. Every time he submitted something it got politely refused. He asked me if I knew why.

So I spent three days (that I didn’t have) going over his most recent novella submission. It needed a lot of work, but it was a charming story and I liked it. I thought it was worth the time and also worth encouraging him. I then spent an evening on Skype with him so we could go over it paragraph by paragraph.

He decided not to re-submit it, which startled me. We spent a lot of time on that story.

I then helped him quite a bit with another story. Once again, it needed a lot of work. The story got published.

But through all of this I was starting to get worried. I was seeing some real rollercoaster emotional stuff from him. I was constantly having to reassure him and encourage him and tell him he was a good writer.

So then apparently I missed one of his emails and he was furious. He sent me an ugly and vicious email. At first I was almost surprised, but the words were just sort of harmlessly going over me. I knew this was all about him. It wasn’t about me. He was looking for someone to blame.

But the email went on to say that I was a sell out and that he wanted nothing more to do with a writing genre that was being written for women and not for gay men. I was like—what? I am not a sell out. He went on to say that the whole genre disturbed him because it was controlled by feminists and that women could never understand gay romance. He said I was unfeeling and he was blocking me so I couldn’t send him any more emails!

I was shocked! It hurt!

But then I made a post on my Facebook page and said I was taking deep breathes and reminding myself of my first thought. It was all about him. It wasn’t about me. This was someone who was angry and needed someone to take his anger out on. I’m big enough for that, aren’t I?

And then! Oh! Oh! Oh! The love and support that flooded my post! In ten minutes I had as many responses. Such kindness!

One person had this to say….

I feel so bad about your post. Don’t get discouraged. Any help you gave your fellow author should have been appreciated. I can’t speak for everyone but EVERYTHING I have read by you makes me feel good deep down in my heart. Even your daily posts about being thankful.

Brush it off and keep being the uplifting spirit that you are. And thank you for making me more thankful everyday. I’m sure there are many many more people like me that are just thankful for you for doing nothing more for us than you already do just by writing beautiful stories.

And this was only one of the responses! Within an hour I had fifty responses! This morning when I got up it was something around 129! The love and support sent my way was all but overwhelming! Thank you thank you thank you!

So deep breath taken and blessings counted.

Know I will always to my best to help people when I am able, and to write stories to uplift the heart and soul! And to that writer who sent me the ugly email. I send you blessings and light.

B.G. Thomas


Scribble-Heart by Prawny from morgueFile


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