Day 25 of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Am Grateful for My Spiritual Path

“Thou art god, I am god. All that groks is god.”
~~ Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

Many religions today teach that God and humanity are separate. They usually teach that God is a father figure, one who is love-—yet mysteriously also quick to anger. They say there are all kinds of things we do that piss God off and he will punish us if we do these things.

Since I was little, a lot of this didn’t set quite right with me. It didn’t feel right. It didn’t settle with me. It just felt…. Wrong.

I began to study a lot of religions and philosophies and spiritualities and remarkably, I found a common thread throughout them which did seem right to me. Ideas that did settle with me. Words and stories that felt right. My heart would race and my skin tingle and by brain fill with a feeling of rightness. I would sit up and think, “Yes! That’s right! Oh my gosh! Yes!”

It would be ideas that would hit me that I realized that I knew that I knew that I knew were right. I would realize that I already knew what I was hearing. I’d known it all my life.

One of these, for me, is that God and humans are not separate. If God picked up and handful of dust and breathed life into it and made man, that means we are the very breath of God! We couldn’t be less separate!

There is a Hindu myth that tells a very different story than the one I was raised with. Please note that I am not Hindu. But myths tell universal truth!

The story says that at one time, all mankind was Divine. We were all considered “gods.” But the problem was that we didn’t appreciate it. We got full of ourselves and we abused our Divine nature.

So Brahma, the lord or lords, the god of all gods, decided to take our gift away. He decided to hide our Divinity some place where we couldn’t find it.

The problem was–where to hide it! He called together all the lesser gods and asked for their ideas on where he could hide our Divinity. So they started to come up with suggestions.

The first was that he should bury it deep in the earth. But Brahma pointed out that one day we would find it. We would work and work until we finally dug it up. So then they suggested that he put it in the deepest oceans. But Brahma knew this wouldn’t work either. One day we would discover the means to plunge to the deepest part of the seas and we would find our Divine nature.

So then the gods suggested Brahma put it on top of the highest mountain. And again he pointed out that one day we would find a means to climb the very highest of highest mountains and reclaim our Divinity.

So the gods gave up. They had no more ideas.

But that is when Brahma figured out what to do. He knew right where to put our Divinity. And so he put it deep in the center of our own being. For it was a place where we would never think to look.

I am so grateful that I know that God dwells within me and I in God. God is not something separate from me. God isn’t floating on a cloud waiting to deal out wrath and punishment.

God is inside me. Closer than my breath. And nothing can take that away.

B.G. Thomas


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