Day Fourteen of 365 Days of Silver ~~ I Am Grateful for My Weight

file0001521479849“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.”
~~ John Wooden

I got to be pretty big. Close to 250 pounds. Eating is my disorder. It’s not alchol or drugs or gambling or sex or any of those. When I get upset or depressed, I eat. Sadly, it’s when I am happy or celebrating as well.

Finally, over a year ago, I began a very healthy diet and through Weight Watchers and green smoothies and Shakeology lost about 65 and more pounds.

But then there was that tough time I’ve been talking about. The down slope. The sugar addiction that I had broken came back with a vengeance. The weight started to come back on.

NO! I can’t go back to that! Not only for my looks and for my heart health, but my knees and feet. I am more tired all the time carrying that extra weight.

I was getting worried. The pants were getting more and more snug.

So with tears, I tried on my bigger pants yesterday (only pair I still had) and was thrilled to find out that they are huge on me! Won’t stay up without a tight belt! It’s not as bad as I suspected.

And day by day I’ve been eating healthier and healthier once again. This was a set back. It is not the new me.

And then thing is, I’m not worried about abs. I’m a bear and chances are I’ll always be a little padded. I’m okay with that, especially at my age.

But I also want to live a long life. My dreams are just starting to come true. I’m not near ready to go yet!

I will live a healthy and happy life!

B.G. Thomas

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